Mary Hendricks

Mary Hendricks

Mary Hendricks


“Under the direction of Sarah Gardner, I have improved my lifestyle.  I have been able to increase my physical strength, I have been eating healthier, and been able to improve the way I feel about my well-being!

 With Sarah's expertise in physical fitness, she tailors a workout that is made just for me.  I was a person who did no physical activity, other than walking, before I came to Sarah. I did not feel good about the way I looked, or felt.  I knew I had to do something for me.   She has helped me build a successful health plan and achieve my fitness goals.  Sarah's approach is both motivating and supportive.  She is insistent that I can do my best!  She pushes me to succeed!

I have been extremely happy with the workouts, menus, and motivation that she provides.  She is available to encourage me at anytime! I have lost weight, become more physically fit, gained confidence, and an understanding of a healthy lifestyle. I have also gained a support system of ladies and Sarah who are both encouraging and push me to do my best in a safe environment.

 I would recommend Sarah highly as a personal trainer to anyone who is interested in increasing their physical condition. She is amazing!”

Trish Sachse

Mary Hendricks

Mary Hendricks


“I am a married, mom of two boys (under 5), full time working lady! Before starting Sarah Gardner's program, fitness and nutrition were the LAST things on my mind!

From my twenties into my thirties I had tried multiple different "fad" diets and exercise programs. I joined groups.... I bought DVDs.... I succeeded and would lost 10-15 pounds! Yes right?!? But then 6 months later I would be back to my starting weight... This can be proven by checking my "My Fitness Pal" app. I had no idea how may times I had started and stopped at the same spots. Which only reinforced the diet part of it all and that I never made an actual change. It wasn't a lifestyle!

It wasn't until I started working with Sarah that it all clicked and came together. Last fall I went to her very first Women’s Only Small Group Training class... Loved it, felt the burn and then life happened and I didn't make it back to another class for months! Right in line with what I had done before.

As the start of the year approaches I had a personal timeline for myself... My husband and I were taking a beach vacation with other couples... I would be in a bathing suit in front of other women that I would have to see again! So I had motivation on my side this time.... And that's when I saw the posts about New Year New You (now Stronger with Sarah- the Online Program) . Ok, sure, why not? So I joined and I followed the plan, fairly strictly and it worked.... It worked exactly as it was suppose to. I did not drop 10 pounds the first month... But I lost 4 and I could already notice changes in my physique... And I stuck with it because I enjoyed it and I still had 5 more months until vacation.

Fast forward to this past month. I am still in the program... Still losing and still getting stronger! I have stuck with this program longer than anything else by far. And this is why:
the meal plan takes the guesswork out of the nutrition, the grocery lists makes shopping a breeze, and the
 online workouts are my jam!

I love the sense of community with the other ladies. We "suffer" and get stronger together!  I love the example I am setting for my boys. Showing them how to take care of your body. They both get excited when they can work out with me!
And last but not least... The simple fact that the program fits into every day life. You can make it work with even the busiest of schedules!